PraxManager is a free open source software, destined to help schools monitor and evaluate the practical training of their students. The software was developed within the Erasmus + Strategic partnership entitled CoPE - Communities of Practice in Education and was tested in the field of healthcare, locally and transnationaly, through a series of blended mobilities for VET students from all partner countries. Moreover the partnership has developed the software documentation and guidelines, results which are available on this website for free download.

PraxManager is available in: English, Romanian, Czech, Danish, Turkish, Spanish and Catalan.

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PraxManager - National Tests

Czech PraxManager

School: Stredni Sdravotnicka Skola a Vosz

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Danish PraxManager

School: Sosu Aarhus

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International PraxManager

International PraxManager website.

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Romanian PraxManager

School: FEG Iasi

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Spanish PraxManager

School: CIFP Majada Marcial

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Turkish PraxManager

School: Kanuni Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

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Catalan PraxManager

School: Ludus Sanctius sl ( Joan Maragall Centre)

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PraxManager - Tutorials